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Commission on Judicial Performance

By Joseph Serna
May 14, 2015

Like most judges, Kern County Superior Court Judge John Fielder did not necessarily carve out a reputation of being warm and cuddly on the bench.

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NY Observer: California Prosecutor Falsifies Transcript of Confession

California AG Kamala Harris Holds News Conference On Gun Violence

California Attorney General Kamala Harris speaks at a news conference on May 17, 2013 at the Los Angeles Civic Center in Los Angeles, California. (Photo: Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images)

The New York Observer

National Politics

Court of Appeal Slams AG Kamala Harris again

PDF: People v. Velasco-Palacios

By Sidney Powell | 03/04/15 – 1:04pm

When will they ever learn? Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski declared months ago in a much-quoted opinion that there is “an epidemic of Brady violations abroad in the land.” And yet, prosecutors continue to deny there’s a problem. Indeed, the Department of Justice gets outright indignant at the suggestion, and so do many state court prosecutors. They bristle at the very mention of the possibility.

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