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A closer look – Part I: Lewis Pacific Partners and Affilated Entities

My original analogy was “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. What an understatement.

I also said Lewis Pacific Partners has quietly become a major player in politics. Yet, another understatement.

Because in actuality, Lewis Pacific Partners has been a major player all along. Throwing cash around like candy in a kindergarten playground.

The focus? Political subdivisions targeted for the groups current and future projects.

A more in-depth review of major donor and political action committee reports reveals Lewis Pacific Partners and Affiliated Entities funded an astounding total of $3,124,162.12 in contributions reported on-line between 01/01/2000 and 06/30/2009. The contributions were directed to candidates, ballot measures, and political action committees. There is undoubtedly more contributions disclosed in manually paper filed reports.

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SBSun: Lewis Group of Companies buys land at bankruptcy auction

Lewis Group of Companies buys land at bankruptcy auction

Matt Wrye, Staff Writer
Posted: 08/04/2009 08:00:53 PM PDT

The Lewis Group of Companies’ real-estate fiefdom just got bigger.

The Upland-based firm, owned by Lewis Operating Corp., announced this week that it has bought 800 single-family home lots in Reno, Sparks and Dayton, Nev., for about $6.5 million in a bankruptcy auction.

“The Nevada market has challenges just like the rest of the country, so we expect it will take a few years to sell all the lots,” Randall Lewis, executive vice president of the firm, said Monday. “We’re already getting phone calls from some of the local home builders expressing interest.”

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iePolitics: Walk softly and carry a big stick: Lewis Pacific Partners & Affiliates

The phrase “Walk softly and carry a big stick” means something in politics and also when your Lewis Pacific Partners, and their affiliated entities.

Playing in the world of politics and staying off the radar screen is hard to do these days, especially with all of the electronic disclosure / reporting mechanisms and such. The Lewis Group appears to have quietly climbed the donor ladder, doling out varying sums across the state. Beneficiaries of their generosity range from California League of Cities PAC to state, county, and city officials, where the companies do business.

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