IE Business Daily

By IE Business Daily
January 25, 2014

Political Whispers

Four years. Yes, it has been nearly four years since San Bernardino County District Attorney and then Attorney General Jerry Brown announced the prosecution of the “greatest corruption scandal in the history of California.”

That was soon followed by Grand Jury indictments of developer Jeff Burum, former County Supervisor Paul Biane, former Supervisor Gary Ovitt chief of staff Mark Kirk, and former Assistant Assessor Jim Erwin. Soon following this, were wanted posters, perp walks, multimillion dollar bail amounts, and other outrageous actions usually reserved for murderers and child molesters.

It wasn’t long before many of the charges were thrown out on demur, a legal challenge rarely upheld by judges at the preliminary stages of a legal case, which were appealed all the way up to the California Supreme Court. Less covered by the media, during this time, the defendants bail was eliminated, their ankle bracelets removed, and they are free on their own recognizance; not what you would expect for the crime of the century?

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