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Los Angeles County - Take Home Cars

Supervisors Don Knabe and Michael Antonovich each exceeded the county’s price limit when they bought their hybrid SUVs: a $56,288 Chevrolet Tahoe and a top-of-the-line $65,648 GMC Yukon Denali, respectively. (Hans Gutknecht — Staff Photographer)

By Mike Reicher, Los Angeles Daily News
Posted: 07/11/15 – 3:23 PM PDT |

Walk the garage under Los Angeles County’s headquarters and you’ll see rows of practical Ford Tauruses and efficient Toyota Priuses — the ones with government seals on the front doors.

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Los Angeles County Chain of Command

A feud between Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, pictured, and former CEO William T Fujioka helped spur a return to a weaker CEO.

By Abby Sewell
July 7, 2015

They are called the “five little kings.”

Each represents a constituency of about 2 million people. Together, they oversee America’s largest local government agency, with a $27-billion budget and 100,000 employees.

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LATimes: Newly configured county board removes acting CEO at first meeting

Mike Antonovich

Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich brought forward a proposal to remove the county’s acting chief executive Tuesday. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

By Abby Sewell
December 2, 2014

At their first meeting following a major election turnover, the new Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors removed the county’s acting chief executive and appointed a new one.

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DailyBulletin: San Bernardino, Los Angeles counties swear in representatives

Curt Hagman

Curt Hagman’s wife, Grace, pins him after he was sworn in as a San Bernardino County supervisor on Monday. (Micah Escamilla — Staff Photographer)

By Staff reports
Posted: 12/01/14, 7:30 PM PST | Updated: 1 min ago

Former Assemblyman Curt Hagman, R-Chino Hills, was sworn in Monday as San Bernardino County’s new 4th District Supervisor, representing several West Valley cities, in a day when new faces appeared on county boards in San Bernardino and Los Angeles.

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