An online document produced by the Pete Aguilar congressional campaign tries to link Aguilar’s opponent, Republican Paul Chabot, to Donald Trump.

By Jeff Horseman / Staff Writer
Published: Oct. 4, 2016 – Updated: 4:13 p.m.

The acrimony continues in California’s 31st Congressional District, with the campaign of Democratic incumbent Pete Aguilar trying to link Republican Paul Chabot to Donald Trump and Chabot accusing Aguilar of using Chabot’s children in a smear attempt.

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, the Aguilar campaign announced “the final installment in a serious of revelations that shed light on the disturbing similarities between Donald Trump and Paul Chabot and how those shared values could affect San Bernardino County families.”

Among the examples cited by the Aguilar campaign:

— “Like Trump, Chabot is strongly anti-choice and opposes abortion in all cases, even if a woman is a victim of rape or incest.”

— Chabot “can’t be trusted with our Social Security” and “supported a budget that would cut public school funding by 20 percent, totaling $19 billion.”

— “Paul Chabot supports Donald Trump’s extreme anti-immigration policies including building a wall on the border with Mexico.”

— “Like Trump, Paul Chabot won’t level with the public about his personal finances. A House Ethics complaint and a Federal Election Commission complaint have been filed against Chabot over a shady $50,000 campaign loan and a blatant attempt to conceal his financial interests from public view.”

Aguilar’s district is friendly to Democrats, and Hillary Clinton is widely expected to win California’s electoral votes in November.

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