Charles Creitz | Fox News
May 6, 2021

In a special “Hannity” investigation, investigative journalist Sara Carter traveled to the Antelope Valley around Lancaster, Calif., where – hundreds of miles away from the Mexican border – the Biden’s border policies are starkly affecting everyday Americans as cartel-linked marijuana growing operations have become a criminal plague.

Carter traveled around the acres and acres of warehouses and growing fields with Rep. Mike Garcia, a freshman Republican from Santa Clarita, who gave her the latest on the dangerous criminal enterprise.

Pointing to a warehouse surrounded by acres of scrub, Garcia told Carter it held 20,000 or more marijuana plants, and pointed to another area outside the warehouse where more plants had been freshly harvested.

“[Y]ou see those little light gray and white specks, that is an illegal grow right there. They’re not growing petunias or tomatoes, probably,” the lawmaker said.

Carter told “Hannity” that law enforcement authorities are overwhelmed at the southern border by the flood of illegal immigrants and cannot simultaneously handle the influx of cartel criminality in the Antelope Valley.

“This is the border crisis basically in our backyard; some 3- 400 miles away from [Mexico]. It’s affecting everyday American lives right now: it’s not good for Americans [or] those who are here illegally,” Garcia said.

Carter told Hannity she was stunned by the miles and miles of “vast, sophisticated, illegal grows [that are] worth tens of millions of dollars.”

“They have become extremely more brazen. They are not afraid of hiding it, they don’t hide it because they don’t feel they will ever be held accountable for it and they continue to sell their product – not only across the United States, but according to law enforcement, they are moving millions of dollars, if not billions, overseas, and we don’t even know where that’s going,” she said.

Residents Carter spoke with declined to show their faces out of fear of cartel retribution, and one woman lamented how uncomfortable she feels with the cartels operating so openly in her neighborhood.

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