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InlandPolitics Commentary: The new mantra in S.B. County: Woe is me!

The Uffer legacy continues

Sources on the Fifth Floor of the County Government Center report that those closest to deposed leader Mark Uffer are crying “Woe is me”. Seems that acting County Administrative Officer (CAO) Dean Arabatzsis and Public Information Officr (PIO) David Wert have been crawling the halls of the fifth floor pleading that “I really need my job”

Is this funny or what?

Yup, the same David Wert who was reportedly running up and down the halls shouting “We’ve got two votes” in order to save Mark Uffer from being terminated is now begging to be considered just a regular Joe doing his job. Mind you, this is the same David Wert who everyone has considered nothing more than Uffer’s bagman, consort, and vacationing confidant, always spinning to make Uffer look good even when everyone else knew the contrary was the actual truth. The same Wert who Uffer raised his salary three times…to the point he’s paid as much as a chief of staff…and he supervises ONE person.

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iePolitics Commentary: San Bernardino County: The Uffer Legacy, Part 2

bad legal advice

Michael Kane
November 12, 2009

RUTH STRINGER: Counselor from Hell

Who or what is “evil” or “venal” is obviously a matter of personal opinion. So let’s look at the dictionary definitions and set a yardstick to measure some of our more important appointed public officials:

EVIL. (Defined): morally wrong or bad; immoral due to actual or imputed bad conduct or character; the wicked or immoral part of someone or something; anything causing injury or harm.

VENAL. (Defined): willing to sell one’s influence; bribable, corruptible.

Now let’s look at some of those high-level County officials and see how they measure up to the challenge to demonstrate integrity, act honestly, perform competently and truly serve the public interest to the exclusion of their own.

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