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InlandPolitics OpEd: Mike Morrell – “Not A Politician”?‏

In today’s San Bernardino Sun, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, and Redlands Daily Facts, there appeared an identical story regarding the 7 Republican Party candidates standing for the GOP nomination for the 63rd Assembly District.

The piece by reporter Wendy Leung was fair and impartial, and it included quotes from all competing candidates for this seat.
Among those commenting was Mike Morrell, who has a fantastic message. A winning message that Morrell himself admits is strictly for the purpose of securing votes in his endeavor for State Assembly.

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InlandPolitics Commentary: District Attorney Mike Ramos and sexual addiction

The summary of conclusions from a high dollar sexual harassment investigation about Mike Ramos makes one point that was overlooked by the main stream media. It confirmed that Ramos did in fact have an affair of long duration with one of his subordinates. Although, Ramos has repeatedly denied that any such affair took place, the investigation has proved otherwise.

This affair is one of over a dozen that were revealed in an Article published in the Sentinel Newspaper and subsequently augmented by others in blog postings. To date not a single allegation has been unfounded. Assuming that the numerous affairs are true, then what can you conclude about the District Attorney of San Bernardino County? Is he a sex addict? It would certainly appear so. It would also appear that he is not only a serial adulterer but a serial liar as well.

Let’s examine the issues.

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