Puppet Master

Thursday, July 28, 2016 – 07:30 a.m.

You have to once again hand it to Donald Trump.

A single hour-long Trump press conference and the Clinton campaign and democrats fall into a tail spin. Not to mention a trap.

On Wednesday, the GOP nominee ripped the media spotlight from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention, with a couple choice sentences.

Trump made statements to the effect that if Russia or China or anyone else hacked those missing 30,000-plus Clinton emails, please turn them over to the FBI.

You remember. Those emails that Clinton had permanently deleted from her home-brew computer server in her basement.

The emails the FBI couldn’t retrieve because Clinton’s lawyers had the server professionally erased, or cleaned.

A process requiring the hard drive to be overwritten several times in order to make the old information irretrievable by any one.

The response from Clinton and the democrats yesterday was that Trump’s statements that “encourage a foreign government to hack her emails was a national security issue”.

However, this position begs the question that if those missing 30,000 emails would create a national security issue, if made public, then they must have been classified or at a minimum, government business.

Like a pack of rabid dogs. The left-wing liberal media outlets and talking heads fell right into the trap.  Using words like treasonous to describe Trump’s conduct.

Yes. Trump was the talk of the day.

Not Clinton. Not Barack Obama. Not Joe Biden. Not the convention.

Wikileaks has already alluded that more documents related to Clinton are forthcoming.

Once Clinton accepts the nomination on Thursday night, that’s it! She, for better or worse, is the official nominee.

Score a win for Trump.