Paul Chabot

Republican congressional candidate Paul Chabot.

Published: Aug. 17, 2016 Updated: 4:05 p.m.

Unless it’s an ultra-competitive toss-up race, there’s typically not a lot of publicly available polling for congressional elections.

So when Inland Republican congressional candidate Paul Chabot saw an appeal for donations from his Democratic opponent that described a tied race, he fired off an email blast quoting the email from Rep. Pete Aguilar’s campaign.

Chabot’s email included an excerpt from the Aguilar mail. “But latest polls have us TIED with our opponent,” it read.

“Aguilar knows he is in trouble,” Chabot wrote. “Based on this weekend’s fundraising plea to donors, it is clear his campaign does not like their polling results.”

“Two months ago, the Chabot for Congress campaign released a poll showing the race tied at 43% – with Chabot winning over Independents by 8-points. Clearly, Aguilar’s polls show the same.”

But according to Aguilar campaign spokesman Lou Wasson, the poll Aguilar referred to was Chabot’s. Wasson cited a Press-Enterprise blog post about Chabot’s poll.

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