Jim Erwin
Sunday, November 4, 2018 – 12:30 p.m.

Now that I finally have some time to do some writing on politics, let’s get to it!

I prefer to render political observations after taking in data from a broad spectrum of sources and feedback. Two years ago it had become pretty clear to me in the final four weeks leading up to the presidential Election that Donald Trump would prevail.

It was enjoyable and satisfying collecting all the hundred-dollar wager’s from friends.

This time around I’m prepared to make a similar observation.

The GOP will increase it’s U.S. Senate majority to a range of 55 to 58 seats on Tuesday night.

In the U.S. House of Representatives the GOP will maintain control, but by a smaller margin.

There are many reasons as to why I’m convinced of this outcome. But the two central reasons being President Trump and the Democrat Party.

I have repeatedly said for years that Trump is a master marketer and messenger. That analysis hasn’t changed.

The President would appear to be ten moves ahead of everyone.

Trump has solidified and energized the GOP to return to the polls in a mid-term election cycle, when they weren’t expected to do so. Turnout numbers across the country are breaking records, and that turnout is also heavily republican.

The booming economy is a factor. But so is immigration.

Think about it! Two hot-button issues that play to the GOP.

To believe that suburban GOP women will turn against the party is also another major miscalculation.

Now to the Democrat Party madness.

I could pen a scroll trying to analyze what has happened to the democrats. But I have things to do this Sunday afternoon.

To sum it up. They, the left-wing faction of the Democrat Party, have lost their minds. The party is on the verge of becoming a minority party for decades.

The party is splintering before our very eyes into a hard-left socialist and a moderate voter blocks. The later, if this continues, will abandon the party as a group.

Moderate working-class democrats must be stunned, when they observe what their political party is morphing into. Even I’m stunned for that matter.

The open-borders, citizenship-for-all, medicare for all, higher taxes and other socialist-leaning positions is not, and will not, go-over with a majority of the country.

Expect a large block of democrat voters to vote GOP or not vote at all on Tuesday.

Hauling out Former President Barack Obama just reminds everyone of what a disaster his presidency really was, and how very little was accomplished during those eight wasted years. Furthermore, bringing out Hillary Clinton, with her talk of running again, is like spreading icing on a GOP victory cake.

Now to all those polls

Just like two years ago, they can’t help themselves. Skewing polling samples to heavy democrat is repeating itself again. Current turnout data, showing a heavy GOP turnout, indicates there’s a potential for another polling debacle.

Rather than canning all the polling guru’s, who screwed-up in 2016, the liberal establishment just doubled-down and embraced the same people making the same flawed predictions.

Combine the above with the insanity that has infected the Democrat Party and you have a recipe for continued GOP control of The U.S. Congress.

On Monday, we’ll start to see signs of extreme nervousness within the democrat establishment. Expect news networks CNN and MSNBC go into the early throws of an Election Night meltdown.

I could be wrong about the GOP House-control prediction. But I think we’re in for a surprise.

Program your DVR’s to record twelve hours of CNN and MSNBC election night coverage. It’ll be a spectacle to watch!