Sunday, July 29, 2018 – 07:00 p.m.

Speaking of painting a bullseye on one’s forehead

Former Superior Court Judge and Ontario politico Gus Skropos is making waves, threats, or signals, depending on how one wants to interpret it, that he might run yet again for a seat on the Ontario City Council.

Yes, Skropos, a licensed attorney since February 1986, is again toying with the idea of running, or as he put it in a recent text message that he composed “set things in motion.”

Apparently Skropos didn’t get the message voters sent him back in November 2016, when he placed a woeful fifth in a field of ten candidates for two seats on the very same city council.

However, this time his potential opponents are taking his “threats” more seriously.

I’m placing a major emphasis on “threats” as you can read.

This weekend was the recipient of opposition research material on Skropos.

Some of that material is a non-starter, but entertaining, to say the least. Particularly Skropos’ past political party identity crisis. In other words is he a republican or a democrat? Something Skropos apparently couldn’t figure out until recently.

Don’t you hate that!

Anyways, Skropos did change his voter registration from republican to democrat on May 31, 2017, because he, according to a September 2017, article published in The Press-Enterprise, “did not share the GOP’s values.”

While local officeholder seats in California are considered non-partisan, political affiliation does rear its head on more than one occasion.

But the real issue of what is out there on Skropos centers on why he abruptly left the Superior Court bench late 2005.

Even Skropos’ former judicial colleague’s are stoking the fire this time. One former judge paints a picture that any candidate would not under any circumstances want out on the transom, especially in today’s politically-charged climate. Like being ran off the bench due to issues with women.

Superior Court Judges in California serve six year terms. Skropos couldn’t even make it that far.

If Skropos ultimately decides to pull and file candidacy papers it’s going to be a heated election cycle in Ontario.

Stay tuned……