San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos faces an uphill battle for reelection on June 5.

Jim Erwin
Saturday, June 2, 2018 – 10:00 a.m.

Multiple sources say San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos isn’t in a good disposition with just three days until Election day.

He shouldn’t be.

In all likelihood he’s about to get booted from elected office after serving four-terms.

Ramos apparently thought he had a fourth term in the bag going into this election cycle. He was wrong!

He had been playing the local media for years with grandiose press conferences regarding a series of now-failed political corruption prosecution cases, in addition to spooning Gerber to reporters over phony half-baked initiatives.

Let’s also not forget about Ramos’ feigned concern for crime victims and their families.

Ramos was even able to snow most of the Los Angeles-based KFI-AM 640 radio hosts with his phony nonsense. His effectiveness calls into question their actual competency for vetting of their own on-air guests.

The symbiotic relationship Ramos had nurtured with news staffs was supposed to be his key to victory.

It was far from it.

One task a well-planned independent expenditure campaign committee embarks upon is detailed polling on issues and voter demographics.

The Business Leaders for Fair and Ethical Government PAC, the committee opposing Ramos’ reelection bid, did just that. The results confirmed what we had already suspected.

First, Ramos had high negatives and weak name identification with likely voters. Secondly, a vast majority of voters were found to be obtaining their news from sources other than local newspapers.

So the earned media Ramos had worked so hard to create was his proverbial Achilles Heel. Ramos’ displaced and arrogant belief that he is well-known and loved by all was a false perception on his part.

Voters had already moved on from relying on the dying print news industry to other new-age media sources.

Just take the top four of Ramos’ ethical lapses that move voters against him the most and drive that messaging. Ramos, in political terms, is a candy store for ethical problems. He actually has more than a dozen really problematic lapses in judgement to throw at voters. But that’s way too many.

Just under 1.8 million pieces of mail was sent out from the committee. But it could have been even much more than that. That number was originally budgeted at 2.1 million pieces.

Three weekly  tracking polls and a survey of absentee voters, who have already cast their ballots, currently paint an unpleasant Election night is on tap for the Ramos campaign.

Here’s what the poll conducted by Newport Beach-based Probolsky Research from March 2, 2018 through March 6, 2018, found where voters get their news information:

Just a few tidbits from the polling:

Local News Media Outlets

The Sun was tops for the local newspaper category at 23.2-percent, followed by the Daily Press at 13.8-percent. The top two were trailed by the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin at 10.9-percent and The Press-Enterprise at 2.9-percent.

In the radio station market, those tuning in to AM radio is just 13.6-percent. That number speaks for itself leaving nothing further to discuss here.

On another front, local newspaper websites pull just 14.3-percent of voters polled. It’s a bad indicator for Southern California News group publications facing the axe by hedge fund Alden Capital.

In the social media market, Facebook is tops.