Wednesday, May 9, 2018 – 11:15 a.m.

The campaign to unseat four-term District Attorney Mike Ramos continues on, with a new political hit mailer to voters highlighting Ramos’ inability to follow state law when it comes to filling out campaign finance and economic interest disclosure forms.

Ramos has filed felony charges against others for similar acts. But when he does it it’s an accident and he pays fines.

The new mailer, from the Business Leaders for Fair and Ethical Government PAC, shows voters that Ramos has been fined three times for three separate incidents of failing to properly disclose.

The first incident involved his campaign paying his wife $10,000 from his campaign account.

The other two violations leveled by the California Fair Political Practices Commission were over the same issue, failing to properly itemize his campaign account credit card charges so voters can see what the charges card bills are for.

Ramos’ continuous belly-aching about the PAC produced mailers. But he doesn’t ever address the substantive material.

Maybe he doesn’t because it’s all true and accurate!