By IE Business Daily
May 5, 2018

The race for 2nd District County Supervisor is the most contentious election campaign in San Bernardino County (outside of District Attorney Mike Ramos’ disastrous reelection bid.)

Eight year incumbent Janice Rutherford has garnered an unexpected opponent in this year’s election, current 40th District Assemblyman Marc Steinorth.

Steinorth has certain advantages in his bid. He has run successfully twice for State Assembly in a competitive district, served on the City Council in Rancho Cucamonga, the heart of the 2nd Supervisorial District and owns a number of successful businesses in the region.

There is also no other regional candidate from any party that campaigns harder than Steinorth, as he has had to survive two election cycles where Sacramento Democrats have spent literally millions in an effort to defeat him.

Rutherford, on the other hand has not run a real campaign since her first election when she was narrowly elected in 2010 against incumbent Supervisor Paul Biane, who was falsely accused of corruption and was recently acquitted of the bogus charges brought against him in the Colonies Corruption Case.

Prior to her election as Supervisor, Rutherford was a member of the Fontana City Council and was a long-time employee of Assemblyman, then Senator, then Board of Equalization member Bill Leonard. Rutherford has no private sector experience.

According to recent financial reports, Steinorth is easily outpacing Rutherford in both fundraising and organization, having outraised his opponent by more than a 4 to 1 margin. Rutherford’s fundraising has been hampered by her own actions as Supervisor when she championed campaign finance limits for the county that mirrored those of the state legislature making it difficult for Supervisors to raise large donations.

At the time of Rutherford’s campaign finance measure’s passage some Supervisors warned the Board of the First Amendment limitations it placed on county elected officials, but their admonishments were ignored by Rutherford.

Unfortunately for Rutherford, those limits have not seemed to hamper Steinorth. Steinorth’s ability to draw support for his campaign has apparently caught Rutherford flat-footed. Last week, Rutherford sent out a desperate fundraising email to persons on her county email list requesting donations of $10 to $50 dollars, or “any amount” to “keep Sacramento values out of our neighborhoods!”

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