Wednesday, April 4, 2018 – 02:00 p.m.

  • Removal of Controversial Board member Phil Paule Seen As Chief Goal

FRENCH VALLEY – The campaign to restore better accountability and greater ratepayer respect from the Eastern Municipal Water District is moving forward with “major momentum,” recall organizers report. A chief objective of an Inland Empire-based citizens’ organization spearheading the effort has identified the removal of board member Phil Paule as paramount. Paule, who also serves as a chief of staff to a San Bernardino County supervisor, is a longtime professional political operative with a questionable ethics record.

“The removal of Phil Paule is long overdue,” stated campaign organizer and spokesperson Jim Erwin. “He supported rate hikes on his consumers despite signing a pledge against raising taxes when he tried for a promotion to the California State Legislature, a move that voters rejected. He has leapfrogged from political office to political office as a staffer and even worked as a political consultant during his tenure as a board member. There could be inherent conflicts of interest in his simultaneous roles as an operative and as a board member. It’s time for voters to end Mr. Paule’s service as an elected official.

“Furthermore,” noted Erwin, “Politician Phil Paule has a criminal record that includes two convictions for driving while intoxicated.” Jim Erwin, a retired Inland Empire sheriff’s deputy, pointed that Paule’s arrest record was responsible for dooming his state assembly campaign in the earlier part of this decade.

“There are numerous reasons why Phil Paule needs to be removed,” concluded Erwin. “His conflicts of interest, background as a political operative, criminal record, and his proven dishonesty on tax and fee increases paint a picture of an ambitious politician who continually puts his own needs ahead of the public he is elected to serve. That is why this recall is gaining huge momentum and is likely to succeed. It’s time for Phil Paule to realize that voters are putting an end to his duplicity, dishonesty, and lack of ethics and integrity.”

Eastern Municipal Water District serves western Riverside County residences, businesses, and commercial properties. The organization is authorized to exercise the power of eminent domain, to levy and collect taxes, to fix, revise and collect rates or other charges. The district may also issue bonds, borrow money and incur indebtedness.
The organization is examining whether the best remedy for the Eastern Municipal Water District is a recall election to remove Phil Paule or an organized attempt to defeat him at the next scheduled election.