Donald Trump+Hillary Clinton

Saturday, August 6, 2016 – 10:30 a.m.

It’s been a rough two weeks for Republican Donald Trump.

But he’s far from out of the contest. Especially when Hillary Clinton is the opponent.

Clinton bailed out Trump on Friday, when she tripled-down on her denials that she sent or received any classified emails from her private home-brew server.

Yes she really did it. As matter of fact it was in front of a room full of reporters.

Even the Clinton-friendly media can’t keep cover for her much longer on this bizarre denial.

Now back to Trump.

The polls of course have Clinton up a million points and Trump is doomed.

But those numbers are made up of sample sizes that are skewed heavily democrat. Skewed even more so than normal.

The network and news outlet polls are the problem here. These organizations are attempting to control the narrative of the campaign.

In reality the election is within the margin of error in legitimate polls.

The Reuters/Ipsos Daily National Tracking Poll has Clinton up 1-point on Friday. Clinton was up 7-points on Monday.

The Los Angeles Times/USC National Daily Tracking Poll has Clinton up 0.4 on Friday.

Clinton is not up anywhere near what some polls have her at. But these entities don’t care about reputation or accuracy. That’s not what there getting paid to do.

Even Democrat James Carville, the former strategist to Bill Clinton, says most polling is unreliable at this stage.

Carville says that several polls had to trash their samples this week because republican respondents were refusing to complete the long-winded 10-15 minute surveys.

An interesting component in the Reuters sampling is that over the past ten days some five to twelve percent of respondents refused to state their preference.

Those respondents aren’t likely to be Clinton voters.

We’ll know more after the first debate.