Sunday, June 3, 2018 – 08:00 a.m.

With just two days remaining until Election Day the contest for two seats on the San Bernardino County Supervisors is racing to the finish line.

In the showdown for the Second Supervisorial District, incumbent Janice Rutherford is being hammered by State Assemblyman Marc Steinorth.

The two have been engaged in an ugly mailbox battle. Both have broken the cardinal rule of don’t attack your opponent, let somebody else do it.

Recent polling from multiple sources has Steinorth maintaining a constant outside the margin of error lead over Rutherford.

Expect Steinorth to pull off a modest win here.

In the Fourth District, what was supposed to be some sort of contest ended up being a basic sleeper.

Incumbent Curt Hagman was supposed to be challenged by Chino School Board Trustee Gloria Negrete-McLeod.

Negrete-McLeod, a former State Assembly Member, State Senator and Member of Congress, couldn’t regain any organized labor support for this go around and for good reason.

After a costly union-backed congressional seat win six years ago, Negrete-McLeod gave up the seat after just one two-year term. then she lost to Hagman in 2014 and was relegated to a school board seat.

A late hit on Hagman by the San Manual Band of Mission Indians over a dopey Yucaipa antenna tower approval last month won’t have any affect here.

Negrete-McLeod reportedly talking of a Chino City Council run is a stark indicator of just where this race is headed.

Hagman should have no problem Tuesday night.