Joe Turner
Thursday, March 8, 2018 – 8:41 a.m.

AD-42 candidate Gary Jeandron is lashing out like a petulant child against the Redlands Tea Party Patriots (RTPP) because they did not endorse him in his quest to unseat Assemblyman Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley).

In fact, RTPP didn’t just endorse his opponent, Andrew Kotyuk, they consolidated their support behind the San Jacinto Councilman and urged Jeandron to drop out of the race so as not to dilute the anti-Mayes voting bloc.

Jeandron responded by calling the organization which draws activists from all over Riverside and San Bernardino counties a group of fringe activists in the Press Enterprise.

“That’s a lot of votes,” Jeandron said. “I’m not about to have people on the fringe of the 42nd decide who runs the Republican Party … Everyone should settle down and run their campaigns. Between Andrew and me, there will be enough votes to take out Mayes.”

How shameful!

The only reason why there is an opportunity for Jeandron to putter around and pretend-play he is a serious candidate against Mayes is due in large part to the RTPP.  After I outed Mayes’ affair and launched the grassroots assault upon him for his cap and trade vote, RTPP activists mobilized on the ground and through social media ultimately toppling Mayes and weakening him.

But now they are fringe extremists? Jeandron is like the petulant child that butters mom up because they want something and then throws a tantrum when she says “no.”

The fact is the RTPP doesn’t believe that Jeandron, who last reported only $10,000 cash on hand, has what it takes to run a real campaign if you read between the lines of their endorsement announcement. And rightfully so. He can’t even send out one mailer and apparently he didn’t even have the funds to produce handouts for the RTPP debate.

Jeandron is playing spoiler with no clear articulated path to victory. It wreaks of ego and vanity.

RTPP is the largest and most effective activist political group in the region capable of mobilizing hundreds of activists and contacting thousands of voters during an election cycle. So, their support and endorsement is incredibly valuable.

It wasn’t a shock when both Kotyuk and Jeandron attended multiple debates and events hosted by the organization in a bid to secure their support. Before he lost the endorsement Jeandron obviously thought very highly of the activist group. But once he lost out on the endorsement, he was quick to minimize and marginalize the organization even though they went out of their way to be polite and respectful of his candidacy.

Jeandron’s attitude clearly reveals he is nothing more than a wannabe politician at heart with no real mooring to any conservative/Republican principles. And he suffers from that classic “use ’em and lose ’em” disease that seems to infect our GOP politicians once they seem no longer immediately useful. Activists need to rise up and hold Jeandron accountable for his actions to sabotage efforts to remove Mayes and they also need to hold his backers accountable.