Joe Turner
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 – 9:05 a.m.

Yesterday, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots (RTPP) announced their endorsement of San Jacinto Councilman and small business owner Andrew Kotyuk in his bid to unseat Chad Mayes, the incumbent Republican that voted for last year’s disastrous cap and trade gas tax.

Their statement reads:

The Redlands Tea Party Patriots cabinet endorses Andrew Kotyuk as the candidate with the best chance of “repealing and replacing” Chad Mayes.

It continues:

“[It] is very important that someone beat Cap and Traitor Chad Mayes. Otherwise, Chad Mayes, Munger and other Est.Reps will think they can get away with passing any Dem tax increase or other betrayal of conservative principles their donors ask of them. Defeating Chad Mayes will also be a huge blow to the “new Way California” aka “Dem Way California.”

But they didn’t stop there.

RTPP leadership even went so far as to call upon another Republican candidate to withdraw from the race.

Gary Jeandron officially qualified for the ballot in the 42nd Assembly District yesterday, according to the Riverside County Registrar of Voters.

In praising Jeandron they RTPP asked him to step aside for the good of the cause:

“We ask Gary Jeandron to not file for AD 42 because that will divide the anti Chad Mayes vote and greatly increase the chances #CapAndTraitor Chad Mayes will retain his seat. We understand it’s tough to give up your political ambitions that you have been working hard for. But we ask Gary to consider carefully and do what is best for the cause. We think Gary has the character and dedication to do so.”

One of the recurring criticisms of Gary Jeandron is that he is a lazy candidate that is unwilling to put the work in to run an effective and professional campaign. Although RTPP praised Jeandron’s character it is clear that he reinforced some of these arguments based on additional comments in the release.

Kotyuk stuck around until the end of the meeting to answer questions from the activists that attended. Jeandron did not. Moreover, Kotyuk had printed materials and other collateral available for the audience whereas Jeandron just showed up to speak.

Perhaps, that is due to the fact that Jeandron only has a few thousand dollars cash on hand and literally cannot send out one mailer against the incumbent who will have seven figures of campaign cash at his disposal.

According to the Riverside County Registrar of Voters, Jeandron has up until the close of business March 9th to withdraw his nomination.