Thursday, December 28, 2017 – 10:00 p.m.

There’s no argument, or debate for that matter, that San Bernardino County, California operates by its own set of rules.

I routinely use the words “Banana Republic” to describe how the local government operates.

In other words it’s there way or the highway. Rules be damned!

For decades the county has taken it in the shorts legally. In other words they don’t prevail much in a courtroom.

It’s no wonder the county doesn’t want to disclose its settlements to the public. They even go as far as to operate under the belief that if they agree to a legal settlement that is first signed by the opposing party, then it’s not required that the board of supervisors announce the settlement out of closed session. The logic being that they didn’t initiate the settlement. The other side did. So presto! It’s a secret.

The latest block-headed strategy maneuver by these legal wizards actually involves my impending case.

The precursor to filing my lawsuit in U.S. District Court, over government conduct in the Colonies Case, required to be filed what is known as a legal claim against the county and State of California. The claim is filed in the event I which to lodge causes of action under “state law” along side causes of action for violations of federal civil rights, etc.

Well on November 1, 2017, my legal counsel did just that. To which the county had 45 days to respond, or the claim is deemed rejected under operation of law.

To read the claim, click here: Claim Against County of San Bernardino 11.1.17

The county did indeed respond.

What was received was laughable on one hand and astonishing on the other. The word absurd comes to mind.

The county didn’t reject the claim. They returned it without consideration, asserting it wasn’t timely filed.

You can read the county response here: Department of Risk Management 12.14.17

The letter is rather self-explanatory. Having a cocktail or two may be appropriate.

We’re not sure if the county response was crafted by a law school student or pulled from a box of Cracker Jack’s. Either way it is amazing.

To read the response as to the actual law on the issue, click here: Response to Return of Claim 12.22.17

In this instance all the correspondence speaks for itself.

Please keep in mind it’s not their money. It’s taxpayer money.

But then again. They could give a gee whiz!