Sunday, December 24, 2017 – 09:00 p.m.

It’s time!

After months of reflection on just what happened in the ill-conceived, not to mention corrupt, Colonies prosecution, let’s put it all out there.

I still find it difficult to fathom what actually took place and how a “means to an end” investigation and prosecution went out of control, taking on a life of its own up until the very end.

Using the word corrupt to describe what took place is an understatement.

Then there’s all the rewards to those people involved in perpetrating this prosecutorial fiasco.

Yes! Those hefty promotions and post-retirement employment contracts paid out as a reward for keeping the sham case above water.

There’s also the huge gamble on the calculation that the targets would give in and actually plead guilty to offenses they didn’t commit.

This is of course was all preceded by the duplicity of the lawyers involved. This bunch includes county civil lawyers, county prosecutors and then let’s not forget the state actors as well.

Colonies was a debacle from the start, unraveling at every turn.

Commencing in January 2018, we’re going to take a look at some of the testimony and evidence in the case. After all the public does have a right to know why they’re about to be on the hook for millions of dollars in damages.

We’ll discuss what evidence was allowed at trial and what evidence wasn’t! We’ll also look at some of the tactics used on witnesses in order to try and get them to play ball and walk the line for prosecutors. We’ll also look at how little attorney-client privilege actually meant to the county’s own lawyers.

Some of the recorded interviews will be an eye-opener to say the least.

Merry Christmas!