By Joseph Turner |
Published: September 25, 2017

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors appear ready to hire a toll-lane guru to manage a High Desert transportation project at the next board meeting on Tuesday. The move signals that toll-lanes are undoubtedly in the offing for Victor Valley commuters who already have one of the worst commutes in the region.

Ryan McEachron, the former Victorville City Councilman and political ally of Supervisor Robert Lovingood, will cost San Bernardino County taxpayers more than $92 an hour over the span of the $100,000 contract. And the contract could be renewed repeatedly at an annual cost of $192,000 (see Item 14 of the agenda).

It pays to be friends and political allies with the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. And Lovingood knows how to reward political cronies having previously paid a political donor who lives 300 miles away more than $100,000 a year to work less than 17 hours a week from home.

Must be nice.

While serving as a member of the Victorville City Council, McEachron was also the city’s appointed representative to the agency that oversees San Bernardino County transportation projects. Though he repeatedly lied to the public and the media and attempted to suggest that toll lanes were not being considered in San Bernardino County, McEachron voted in support of toll lanes each and every time the matter came up for a vote.

​The Daily Press reported in 2015:

​McEachron, who also serves as the board vice president for SANBAG, had previously asked the Council to express a position of support for Assembly Bill 914, which would grant SANBAG the authority to implement a toll lane program in the county on the Interstate 15 and I-10 corridors.

And now those toll lanes are slated for construction beginning in 2018.

This week the board of supervisors will hire him to be the “special projects coordinator” for the High Desert Corridor Joint Powers Authority which is overseeing the building and construction of commuter rail and highway lanes between the Victor Valley and the Antelope Valley.

You know…another one of those government projects that actually spends most of the money on bullshit like bike trails that the homeless use, commuter trains that never have enough ridership to cover the operating costs, toll lanes that you can’t afford, and a few shekels on maybe a lane in either direction that the rest of us get to use.

That is what McEachron will be in charge of…wasting our money on feel good crap that never actually benefits the people who pay the bills.

Not sure exactly how he will manage to perform these important bureaucratic duties since he is also the owner of a large insurance company with at least 20 employees that also pays him up to $1,000,000 a year according to publicly available financial statements.

Thankfully, we have public servants like Mr. McEachron who are able and ready to serve you the taxpaying commuter.

Please send him a thank you card to express your gratitude.

This article was originally posted on American Children First and has been reposted with permission.