By Kevin Smith, San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Posted: 02/22/17 – 8:11 AM PST |

L.A. County’s manufacturing sector has suffered massive job losses over the last decade, but a new report points to worse news — those positions have been replaced by jobs that pay less than half as much.

That’s the sweep of a new report released Wednesday by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp.

The region has lost 89,000 manufacturing jobs since 2007. Those jobs paid an average annual wage of $52,000. During that same period the county added 92,000 new jobs in the food service industry, but the average yearly pay for those jobs is just $20,000.

Southern California employment has grown by 10 percent since 2009, while Northern California posted a 16 percent increase. Los Angeles County landed even lower with a modest 7 percent increase.

Santa Clara County — better known as part of Silicon Valley — has also weathered losses in manufacturing, although the outcome there has been radically different.

That region has lost 1,200 manufacturing jobs since 2007. But those jobs paid an average yearly wage of $120,000 — more than double the typical pay of similar jobs in L.A. County. Santa Clara County added 34,000 more internet-related jobs during that period and those jobs pay an average of $295,000 a year.

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