Robert Lovingood (File photo)

By Joe Nelson, The Sun
Posted: 02/05/17 – 3:41 PM PST |

San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chairman Robert Lovingood presented a plan for regional economic growth including the fast-tracking of development projects, bolstering funding for public safety, increasing infrastructure, and expanding technical training.

The plan, presented Friday, has been a work-in-progress since Lovingood was elected First District county supervisor in 2012 and involves input from Lovingood’s other four colleagues on the board, citizens and the business community, Lovingood said in a telephone interview Friday.

“It’s a collective effort of listening to the constituents and their needs and the people who create the jobs,” Lovingood said.

He said attracting commercial, real estate and industrial development in the county and creating more opportunities for technical training is paramount to the county’s goal.

“We know that government doesn’t create jobs. But it does create the conditions that encourage or discourage economic growth,” Lovingood said in a statement. “Our focus is on freeing the economy to provide greater opportunity and prosperity for all.”

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