Australia, Melbourne Tullamarine Airport MEL Qantas airlines onboard flight cabin business class passengers disembarking overhead luggage bins removing woman reaching. (Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images)

By Alyssa Pereira
Wednesday, December 7, 2016 – Updated 2:44 pm

The overhead bin, an in-flight accommodation often considered as vital to flying, will now be something of a luxury on United flights.

With the introduction of the airline’s new “Basic Economy” seating — a zero-frills tier of tickets for passengers with almost no carry-on baggage — United will prohibit its lowest-paying customers from utilizing the overhead compartment, lest they pay extra. These customers may only use the space under the seat in front of them to store personal items. This tier will also keep passengers from being able to choose their seats.

United says that the new tier is an opportunity to give travelers “more options.” Normal Economy seats (which include overhead bins) will still be available to fliers, as usual.

“We are not implementing additional restrictions on our customers, or taking anything away from them,” the airline told Gizmodo. “United has announced a brand new fare called Basic Economy that is an additional option for customers and that will be cheaper than our regular Economy fares.”
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