Yekaterina “Katherine” Kolcheva (Courtesy photo)

By Joe Nelson, The Sun
Posted: 12/06/16 – 10:34 AM PST |

San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman announced Tuesday he has appointed his deputy chief of staff, Yekaterina “Katherine” Kolcheva, to serve as his new chief of staff.

Kolcheva succeeds Mike Spence, whom Hagman recently fired in the wake of Spence’s June 12 traffic accident in Covina in which he was seriously injured. Police allege Spence was driving under the influence of drugs when he hit a utility pole near the intersection of Azusa Avenue and Cypress Street.

Spence had no recollection of the accident and admitted he had been battling drug and alcohol addictions spanning more than 20 years, officials have said. He also admitted to having suffered blackouts.

The Board of Supervisors approved today a $139,901 employment contract with Kolcheva, which includes a base salary of $102,128 and $37,773 in benefits.

In a news release, Hagman said Kolcheva will play a key role in managing the day-to-day operations of his office and assist with the planning and implementation of the vision of job growth and innovation that Hagman promised his constituents when he ran for office.

“Katherine’s unique combination of experience, instinct and knowledge has been an asset to my office and the Fourth District since day one,” Hagman said in a statement.

Like Spence, Kolcheva worked for Hagman when he served as a state assemblyman, then served as his campaign manager during Hagman’s run for county supervisor in 2014. After Hagman was elected, Kolcheva served as his transportation policy adviser, and then as his deputy chief of staff.

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