Friday, November 11, 2016 – 11:30 a.m.

Now that all of the dust is settling in the aftermath of Republican Donald Trump’s surprise victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton it’s time to reflect a little.

It’s easier to prognosticate a political election outcome Especially when one can see the in’s and out’s of a campaign and it’s messaging. But not so much when one’s not exposed to the message and how it resonates.

In the Trump-Clinton election campaign, Trump was able to expose several problems in American politics and place them in plain view for all to see and understand.

Problems that have existed for decades.

First. The U.S. media, with few exceptions, is in the bag for democrats. Yes, it’s been talked about and alleged for years. But this time the media went way over the line and everyone could see it it.

Whether it was the leaked debate questions by Interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazille, while she was working for CNN, or the plethora of reporters attending dinners hosted by Clinton operatives, or the same reporters seeking approval of their stories about Clinton before publication, it’s an ugly problem.

The media believed it possessed the power to tell voters what to think, how to think and when to think.

They were wrong.

The main television and newspaper outlets have damaged themselves beyond repair this time.

Interestingly, they continue to deliver more-self-inflicted wounds to themselves in the aftermath.

America has deteriorated. Both political parties, in their quest to hold power, have each played a part in the demise of the country.

The so-called rust-belt states have turned on democrats, while GOP voters went for an outsider instead of a party loyalist.

Now the party loyalists are proclaiming they’ve seen the light. But we’ll have to see just how long they can stay on the straight and narrow.

Clinton outspent Trump by vast amounts of money and Trump still won.

It’s universally acknowledged that Trump made numerous missteps. Without the errors he would have won by an electoral landslide.

Clinton, on the other hand, was her own worst enemy.

All of the family money-grubbing and media coziness was exposed, courtesy of website Wikileaks.

Relying on placing the blame on Russia and Wikileaks for releasing all those legitimate verbatim emails was nonsensical.

In other words. Telling people to ignore what the emails actually say because Russia allegedly did it was flat out stupid.

The whole explanation lends one to believe that the Clinton camp thought that average everyday Americans have IQ scores of 50 or even lower.

Then we have the pollsters.

They couldn’t help themselves. They couldn’t resist the temptation to skew their sample sizes and turnout models to favor Clinton.

For most of this badly-damaged group it was all about making Clinton inevitable, while furthering the ‘Let’s brainwash the public’ mantra.

It didn’t work.

Now back to the President-elect.

We’ve said this here many times. Trump is a master marketer. He was already a household name. All of the years on The Apprentice were gold in political capital.

Trump has one-hundred percent name identification with voters.

When Trump announced his candidacy it was easy to see that he could win the nomination.

When Trump’s message took hold it was easy to see him winning it all.

And win it all he did…….