Joseph Turner
Saturday, October 29, 2016 – 8:38 p.m.

When San Bernardino County First District Supervisor candidate Angela Valles announced that she had discovered the federal government was dumping unvetted Syrian refugees in the City of Victorville nearly two weeks ago, it sent shockwaves throughout the campaign and region.

Supervisor Robert Lovingood, her incumbent opponent, completely bungled the response revealing that he was caught entirely flatfooted by Valles accusations that he was either asleep at the wheel and oblivious to the public safety issue, or in on the cover up.

In a candidate forum and numerous stories since, neither Lovingood nor anybody with the City of Victorville has expressed any opposition to the placement of Syrian refugees in that community.

Today, a columnist for the San Bernardino Sun by the name of Sal Rodriguez decided to weigh in on the discussion by slamming Angela Valles as an opportunist who spreads fear and paranoia. Boy, that was a mistake.

Not only did he take a shot at Valles, he decided to link to it in various local Facebook groups where the Syrian issue was being discussed. Clearly, he was quite proud of his work. Boy, that was a mistake.

Let’s examine some statements made in the column.

Statement #1: “It can take between 18 and 24 months for refugees to be resettled in the United States.”

Truth: The Associated Press reported in April that the vetting time for Syrian refugees had been cut to 3-months. The article reads:

While the resettlement process usually takes 18 to 24 months, the surge operation will reduce the time to three months, Kassem said.

Statement #2: Paraphrasing, he refers to December 2 terrorist attackers as non-Syrian non refugees.

Truth: Gee. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. The federal government was tasked with vetting Tashfeen Malik before she came over on her marriage visa. It has been proven that the federal government bungled this background check. But, don’t worry lads. It was a one-time deal. That would never happen again.

Statement #3: “Practically speaking, Angela Valles would do a greater service raising alarm over peanut allergies and pool safety. After all, thousands of Americans are harmed, many even killed, by peanuts and pools every year.”

Truth: Odd. I searched the archives of the San Bernardino Sun going back four years. You know how many articles they did a story on someone in the Inland Empire dying from a peanut allergy. Zero (click here). Guess how many they did on the December 2 terrorist attack? I didn’t count…but it was a lot more than zero. Pretty damn callous to equate concerns over terrorism and the murdering of fellow Americans to peanut allergies in my opinion. Maybe the next time you want to lecture us on what is a greater service to the people you can check with your editors. Maybe you can tell them to stop covering any terrorism related stories and focus on the real problems we face…like deaths from peanut allergies.

Then, Mr. Rodriguez decided to engage in some banter with yours truly in the Redlands Tea Party sponsored local Facebook group. See screenshot below:


Statement #4: “Refugees aren’t a threat to national security. Refugees are extensively screened before coming to the United States. To claim otherwise is to rely on rhetoric rather than evidence.”

Truth: See how he conflates refugees from Muslim nations with all refugees? We aren’t talking about all refugees. We are talking about refugees from Muslim nations – you know, where their children are used as suicide bombers to blow up Americans and they brainwash people into thinking that the United States is filled with infidels. Putting that detail aside, there has been a long list of refugees that were supposedly vetted and subsequently arrested for terrorist and criminal acts (click here).

Statement #5: “According to one refugee case manager I’ve spoken with, a lot of the Syrian refugees happen to be Christian, by the way.”

Truth: Seriously. I am not making that up. He really did type that out with his own hands. Mind boggling. Over 13,000 Syrian refugees were settled in the United States this calendar year. Only 36 or .27% were classified as Christian. See screenshot below:


Statement #6: In response to a comment I made about believing him or a NATO Commander General when it comes to the dangers posed by ISIS vis a vis the refugee resettlements he wrote: “Who’s the “NATO general” you’re referring to? I’m open to being persuaded by facts.”

Truth: That NATO general is Philip Breedlove. From this article:

Refugees from the Middle East and north Africa are “masking the movement” of terrorists and criminals, Nato’s top commander told Congress on Tuesday, despite the protests of human rights groups who say that refugees overwhelmingly have no ulterior motive but escape.

In testimony to the Senate armed services committee, US general Philip Breedlove said that the Islamic State terror group is “spreading like a cancer” among refugees. The group’s members are “taking advantage of paths of least resistance, threatening European nations and our own”, he added.

Mr. Rodriguez has been deemed qualified to write opinion pieces for the San Bernardino Sun. This man lacks any fundamental grasp of the issues, clearly does not know the facts, and yet feels competent enough to speak out with his worthless opinion.

After I eviscerated him he tried to deflect and spin my presentation of facts as a sign of anger. “Relax,” he writes…followed by, “Being so enraged over refugees is pathetic.”

What is pathetic is Mr. Rodriguez’ inability to grasp even basic facts about the Syrian refugee problem. What is even more pathetic is the spewing of blatant lies against a woman…the only person in the entire county…who had the courage to speak out on the Syrian refugee scandal!