Joseph Turner
Wednesday, October 27, 2016 – 8:27 p.m.

The Daily Press hosted a First District Supervisor forum for Supervisor Robert Lovingood and his challenger, Angela Valles. The forum was a lively affair with Lovingood subject to unrelenting attacks by Valles.

Valles launched broadsides on nearly ever facet of Lovingood’s tenure in office, including his broken campaign promises on taxes.

Lovingood, attempting his best Ronald Reagan impression, seemingly rebutted every attack with a “There you go again” strategy that frankly did not seem to play and grew tiresome as the hour long affair went along.

It should be noted that even with a lengthy segment on Syrian refugees that Supervisor Robert Lovingood refused to condemn the federal government for dumping the refugees in Victorville and he refused to express any opposition to having unvetted Syrian refugees in our community.

The forum has nearly 2,000 views thus far and more than 200 comments in what appears to be the most watched livestream the Daily Press ever conducted on Facebook. You can watch it here.