Joseph Turner
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 – 12:14 a.m.

During the 2012 campaign, Lovingood billed himself as a fiscal conservative businessman who would boost the economy, increase jobs and oppose taxes and fees levied on the taxpayers.

It was a powerful message earning him the victory that November.

Let’s go back in time to an article published in the Daily Press in May 2012. Each candidate was asked to pinpoint what they view as the most pressing issue in the race.

Lovingood said:

The most pressing issue is determining ways to increase jobs and expand existing businesses. As government leaders, the Board of Supervisors must strive to eliminate fees and taxes on our citizens and businesses. This is the only way we will improve tax revenue, which will allow us to expand public safety and infrastructure projects.”


Lovingood Votes to Triple Motor Vehicle Fee

In June of 2015, Supervisor Lovingood voted to increase vehicle fees on county residents. The fee increases totaled $3.4 million dollars (see agenda item) and applied to private and commercial vehicles. See Item #36 from the June 2015 board meeting:

36. Adopt resolution implementing an increase from one dollar ($1.00) to two dollars ($2.00) for motor vehicles and from two dollars ($2.00) to four dollars ($4.00) for commercial vehicles that is allocated to enhance fingerprint identification capability, pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 9250.19.

Adopt resolution implementing an increase from one dollar ($1.00) to two dollars ($2.00) for motor vehicles and from two dollars ($2.00) to four dollars ($4.00) for commercial vehicles that is allocated to deter, investigate and prosecute vehicle theft crime, pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 9250.14.

And what was the reasoning behind supporting this vehicle fee? Lovingood maintained that the revenue from this fee would go to hire four sheriff deputies in the First District. You can hear him in his own words at the following link (fast forward until there is 9:37 left on the video).

In another election season article in the Daily Press, Lovingood was asked to answer the following question: “How do you view the role and responsibilities of 1st District supervisor?

This is an interesting question since he recently castigated his opponent, Angela Valles, when she uncovered how the federal government was dumping unvetted Syrian refugees in Victorville. But, let’s focus on his answer to this question. He replied:

“The first priority is safety of constituents. … Next, area residents need jobs and, as an experienced local businessman, I will tackle this with vengeance. When we create jobs, we create revenue to expand public safety and improve infrastructure. … Finally, I will work to cut taxes and eliminate government waste.” (emphasis mine)

Well, look at that!

Lovingood in the first and second quote talks about reducing, fighting, and eliminating taxes and fees. In the second quote, he goes one step further. He states that by creating jobs, revenue is generated and thus you can use those funds to “expand public safety and improve infrastructure.”

Hmmm. Every one of “Do-Nothing” Bob’s campaign mailers states that he has created jobs and helped improve the economy.

My research revealed that Lovingood proposed just one meaningful proposal in his entire term –and it had nothing to do with jobs or economic development.  But, let’s just for the sake of argument concede that he is a master job creator.

Then why would he ever have to join two Democrats on the board and vote for a vehicle tax increase in the name of adding more cops to the beat?

On one hand he says he will create jobs and that will increase county revenues and that will be used to fund public safety and infrastructure. Then he says he created the jobs and improved the economy, but he is supporting a tax increase because it will go to public safety.

It doesn’t make sense, right?

It makes all the sense in the world when you know that a candidate is an empty suit and puppet of his colleagues. Lovingood is the “go-along to get-along” type of elected official who votes with the liberal wing of the board 99 percent of the time.

What a crock!

Lovingood Votes in Support of Toll Lanes

The vehicle fee wasn’t the only tax/fee he has supported.

As President of San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG), Lovingood is a strong proponent of toll lanes. He believes that working class families who already pay some of the highest gas and transportation taxes in the nation should pay more or sit in congested traffic.

Now remember the quote above. He has created jobs and improved the economy. According to him when he was running for office, he could use that money for infrastructure. So, why is he now going back on his word and sticking the knife in the back of working families who spend far too much time on congested freeways?

It goes beyond lying to the people. It is an absolute betrayal to run as a rock-solid, fiscal conservative businessman who will hold the line on tax increases — only to vote for millions of dollars in fee increases.

Lovingood does not deserve your vote. In fact, the electorate as a moral obligation to punish those politicians who lie and betray that trust.

Do not Vote for Lovingood on November 8th. Send the message that broken campaign promises will be punished severely.