No Money

Joseph Turner
Tuesday, October 25, 2016 – 10:35 p.m.

For some odd reason, the Daily Press did an article on the campaign finance reports for the First District Supervisor race this week. The campaign finance reports have been out for a month and it showed Lovingood with a huge advantage in the money he has raised.

You can read the article here.

Every candidate wants to have more money than their opponent. But here is the reality. You can overcome and trump a significant monetary disadvantage if you are getting high quality earned media during your election campaign.

I am pretty sure that Angela Valles dropped a nuclear bomb on Lovingood’s re-election hopes. So much so, that I am doubtful he will even spend the money he has loaned his account since he is a smart businessman and doesn’t want to throw good money after bad.

The Syrian refugee story landed on Friday in the Daily Press. It was a front page story with a stunning headline. Only the first two paragraphs were on the first page and it was all about how Angela Valles was leading the charge on this issue.

Then the paper published an oped (and what was essentially a proxy for a retraction) from the Federation for American Immigration Reform that brutally slammed the ignorance and incompetence of Supervisor Robert Lovingood and the Victorville City Council. That bad boy landed in the Sunday edition.

So, you tell me. How much do you think a front page story on a red-meat issue that pisses off the conservative district is worth? How much was that Sunday oped extolling and praising Valles was pummeling her opponent was worth?

And this story is not going to go away. You would have to be an absolute moron to think that this issue is going to go away and that that is all the coverage it is going to get.

I used to be an activist on these issues. I know that district and the political tendencies of its residents better than most, even the incumbent.

These types of news events generate protests and rallies. And all sorts of follow up coverage.

A challenger overcomes the built in difficulty of raising money by being savvy, in-tune with the district, and generating earned media that is impossible to measure in dollar terms.

Stay tuned.