Joseph Turner
Friday, October 21, 2016 – 3:49 p.m.

By now, Victorville residents are learning that Supervisor Robert Lovingood and Victorville City Councilman Ryan McEachron support the federal government’s re-settlement of Syrian refugees in Victorville.

Angela Valles is running against Lovingood and she uncovered the secret dumping of unvetted refugees in the High Desert.

Lovingood & McEachron Support Syrian Refugees in High Desert

In today’s newspaper article, you see that both Supervisor Lovingood and Councilman McEachron were quoted.

What you do not see is either of them stating their opposition to these refugees. And that is a problem.

It is clear that their views do not align with the residents of Victorville who have responded with anger and frustration on social media platforms since the story broke.

Instead of being transparent with their opinions, each of them took turns slamming Angela Valles – the only person with the courage to raise this important issue and bring it out into the public consciousness.

Lovingood and McEachron each took turns denigrating Ms. Valles and deflecting away from admitting that they left the public in the dark.

Lovingood said:

I would like to add clarity to the fact that the responsibility of the position I hold is just to serve the constituents and when an individual has a misunderstanding of what the responsibilities are of the office they seek and, really, is willing to say anything to grab a headline, I think that explains my opponent.

In the same aricle, McEachron whined to the city manager:

“It’s easy to have your own opinion, but not your own facts,” McEachron said during the Council meeting, “and in this case, it’s just a complete distortion of facts. It’s lies, and I’d like you to address it.”

How sad and pathetic is it that Supervisor Lovingood rolls over and lays down for the federal government. He has no stones. If local officials and members of the community don’t push back and oppose state and federal abuses, who will? Clearly not, “Do-Nothing” Bob Lovingood.

And then you have McEachron apparently claiming that it is a lie that the federal government has to consult with local governments. So weak.

Weak, weak men. They do not deserve your support.

Lovingood and McEachron Support Toll Lanes

What you may not know is that both Supervisor Lovingood and Councilman McEachron support toll lanes.

Here is an article mentioning McEachron’s vote. Though I don’t have the minutes for the SANBAG meeting since they are not posted online, you are going to have to take my word on Lovingood for the time being. I will update this post when I get the minutes.

“Both McEachron and Emick said they voted yes on the consent calendar that contained the express lanes tolling and revenue policy item.”

Yep. They think that the billions of dollars in taxes you send to Sacramento and the federal government each, not to mention local taxes earmarked for road improvements, isn’t enough.

The state and federal government can waste your hard earned money on frivolous boondoggles like high-speed rail, mass transit flops, and other government waste instead of on actual things the government is supposed to provide – like infrastructure improvements.

Do you think that your tax dollars should be used to build carpool lanes and then have them converted to toll lanes?

Do you think that your tax dollars should be used to build toll lanes instead of actually building free lanes that we pay for with our taxes?

If you do, then Supervisor Lovingood and McEachron are your candidates.

Working American Families

Whatever happened to standing up for the working American family? Instead of fighting to get taxpayers what they already paid for, they want to force them to pay twice. It is downright shameful and inexcusable.

Maybe, if you are lucky, Lovingood and McEachron will vote for subsidies that give Syrian refugees free access to the toll lanes so that they can drive down the hill and take one of your jobs.

If you support Syrian refugees and toll lanes, the choice is clear. Vote for Lovingood and McEachron.

If you support America First values and the working middle class, vote for Angela Valles. And I would encourage you to look at any of the challengers running for Victorville City Council, like Blanca Gomez.

Here is a full list of challengers:

William Berghoff, an information systems specialist;
Lionel Dew, a city planning commissioner;
Blanca Gomez, an educator at Cal State San Bernardino;
Frank Kelly, a community volunteer;
Jerry Laws, a former U.S. Senate candidate;
Joshua Martin, a veteran and warehouse worker; and
Sergio Reyes, a business administration student.

If you oppose toll lanes in the Inland Empire, you may want to check out this Facebook group: Toll Free IE