Joseph Turner
Thursday, October 20, 2016 – 1:44 a.m.

A gigantic bomb was dropped on First District Supervisor “Do-Nothing” Bob Lovingood late Tuesday morning when his challenger, Angela Valles, informed district voters that unvetted Syrian refugees have been secretly dumped in the High Desert community of Victorville.

It doesn’t take a degree in political science to know that the High Desert folk aren’t going to be too excited at the news.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that the timing of this news comes at a disastrous time for the Lovingood campaign.

When you go to Valles’ Facebook page you can see that the story on Syrian refugees has been shared more than 600 times — 600 times in a day and a half on a story that hasn’t received any media coverage to this point.

Lovingood has already dropped several mailers in voter mailboxes — heck, he is even sending Spanish mailers to non-Spanish speaking households.

While Lovingood drops a buck a piece on each “cut and paste” cookie cutter campaign mailer by overpaid Sacramento hack consultants who used the same piece for the last three election cycles, Valles’ campaign is reaching out to thousands of voters for free.

So, you figure he has spent most of his wad on high propensity voters who vote by mail.

The problem is…these voters haven’t even received their absentee ballots yet. Now they are going to learn about how “Do-Nothing” Bob was asleep at the wheel when the federal government was sneaking Syrian refugees into the county. Or, maybe he knew all along and was covering it up. Who knows.

But, here we are…almost 48-hours later and nary a word from “Silent” Bob about the Syrian refugee scandal unfolding in Victorville. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, that is what Bob does – he keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t rock the boat.


Things we have learned about Lovingood over the last six days:

  1. He exploited the San Bernardino terrorist attack for political gain when he sprinted to the media with a proposal to allow county employees to carry concealed weapons and other measures. All hat and no cattle. Nine months later and Bob still hasn’t brought a proposal to the board to be voted on. And that leads into our next point.
  2. Lovingood has only presented one meaningful item to the board during his entire four year term. Yes. You read that correctly. His colleagues have only voted on one policy item. That is it. Remember that when you hear him claiming to have increased jobs and reduced crime.
  3. Lovingood claims to be a Republican, but he spends more time supporting Chairman James Ramos’ agenda. Ramos is the most liberal member of the board and a big player in Democrat Party politics. Ramos, his family, and his tribe have contributed at least $17,000 to his campaign. Now ask yourself, why would he do that?
  4. Because…Lovingood votes the way Ramos tells him to vote nearly one-hundred percent of the time. During the entire four years Lovingood has been on the board and spanning hundreds and hundreds of votes, he has only voted opposite Ramos on six different votes. Not only is “Do-Nothing” Bob silent on important matters like Syrian refugees and the sexual abuse of foster children, he is a puppet of James Ramos.

Whew! It has been a long, tough week for Poor Bob.  And we aren’t done yet.

I need to go grab some water. In the meantime, I am going to leave you with a little musical interlude and then we will pick up after the jump.

Enjoy this classic.

Alrighty. We are back. Let’s continue.


  1. Lovingood has repeatedly lied about the health of the county pension system claiming that it is fully funded when in actuality it is $2 billion dollars  underwater.
  2. He hired a lobbyist and climate change hoax believer by the name of Fred Aguiar to be his “Chief Policy Advisor.” Aguiar lives 300 miles away in Paso Robles, earns $122,000 a year, and only works 18 hours a week. Yes…you read that correctly.
  3. Children in the county foster care system are dying from neglect and also being sexually abused. An expose by a Los Angeles news station more than a year ago spotlighted whistle blowers who were told to cover up these horrendous conditions. What did Bob do? If you said, “nothing” please take a shot and pat yourself on the back. In fact, in a newspaper article published today he admits that he is “still looking” into the matter.
  4. Lovingood supports paying the County CEO $600,000 a year.
  5. Not only does he support this excessive compensation for a government employee, Lovingood also supports the CEO after he covered up the arrest of Andrew Lamberto, the Director of Human Resources, on prostitution charges. Because Devereaux doled out his slap on the wrist punishment, the board was forced to give Lamberto an additional six months of paid leave in order to get rid of him. That six months cost taxpayers $200,000.

Think of that…a top level county executive gets arrested on prostitution charges and the county is forced to give him six months paid leave because the man who makes $600,000 a year covered it up. What was Lovingood’s response? He praised him.