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October 18, 2016

Angela Valles Condemns Dumping of Unvetted Syrian Refugees in San Bernardino County; Home of December Terrorist Attack by Radical Islamists

Will terminate welfare benefits and housing subsidies for refugees once elected

San Bernardino, CA – An investigation by the Angela Valles campaign revealed that the federal government began placing unvetted Syrian refugees in the County of San Bernardino in May – less than six months after the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

The most recent settlement of Syrian refugees occurred on October 12. A total of 23 Syrian refugees have been placed thus far, all of them in the High Desert town of Victorville. This information can be confirmed at the Refugee Processing Center (RPC) website located at

The federal government is required to consult with local governments before settling refugees, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

“My opponent is either oblivious to the placement of unvetted Syrian refugees in our community, or he has actively engaged in covering it up,” stated Valles. “It is his job to protect our communities and ensure the government follows the law. He has failed our residents.”

Valles, a former member of the Victorville City Council, also questioned why the current council failed to oppose the refugees or object to the fact that the city was being forced to take in 100 percent of the refugees.

It should be noted that the cities of Hesperia and Adelanto passed resolutions opposing Syrian refugees earlier this year and they do not have any refugees.

Valles vowed to follow the lead of other jurisdictions and stated, “My first order of business will be to file a lawsuit against the federal government for failing to follow the law.”

County governments administer welfare and housing subsidy programs on behalf of the state and federal government in California. Valles, a former prison warden, vowed to stand up for the people of San Bernardino County.

“I will move to terminate any and all welfare benefits doled out to refugees. If the feds don’t like it I look forward to seeing them in court,” Valles said.

With respect to Syrian refugees, Angela Valles believes the following:
1. We know they are not being properly vetted
2. We should not welcome refugees, especially potential terrorists, when we are not even taking care of our veterans
3. We should create safe zones in the Middle East and provide aide to them there

The High Desert does not want Syrian refugees in their community. This is not an issue that will just fade away.

Valles’ opponent in this race is Robert Lovingood, the incumbent First District Supervisor.

Angela Valles is seeking election to the San Bernardino County First Supervisorial District which includes the cities of Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville. She formerly served as a member of the Victorville City Council, is a former prison warden, and currently serves as the Director of Finance for the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority.


To view the list of refugees, follow these instructions:

You can go and verify the information for yourselves. Here is how:

1. Go to
2. Then go down to “Arrival Reports” and click on the second link: “MX – Arrivals by Destination and Nationality”
4. Enter the following six parameters:

Calendar Year

You can view the report on the page or download the excel/csv file, etc.