Joseph Turner
Monday, October 17, 2016 – 4:07 p.m.

Oh Bob. Poor, Poor Bob.

The liberal Republican supervisor is so desperate to overcome the child sex abuse and prostitution scandals that he is now throwing thousands of dollars down the drain with a mailer targeted at Hispanic households.

Apparently, one of “Do-Nothing” Bob’s high-powered Sacramento based political consultants decided to take the old campaign account for a joy ride and put out this puff piece.

I received the mailer today from a First District voter through the Inland Politics tip line.

(click here to view the mailer).

The only problem — he is sending it to households that don’t even have Hispanic voters or people that speak Spanish.

I shit you not. Too funny. What a cuck!

I guess one of his consultants needed a couple extra grand to pay for his kid’s college tuition bill.

Way to take “Hispandering” to the next level and just send Spanish campaign mailers to households with Hispanic surnames, or at least try to.

Perhaps, Lovingood was only doing what he was told to do by Chairman James Ramos who raised at least $17,000 for him. As we have learned, Lovingood votes with the liberal Democrat more than 99 percent of the time. I could only find six times out of thousands of votes where Lovingood voted differently than Ramos.

Once again, Supervisor Lovingood is touting his job creation skills.

As we discussed in a previous post on this blog, Lovingood has never even brought a policy or plan before the board having to do with jobs, job creation, or economic development.

In this piece, Lovingood cites the fact that he has found 30,000 jobs for High Desert residents.

Um…I am pretty sure the jobs found you, big guy. You run a temporary staffing agency and get paid to fill positions. This does not give you some sort of magical insight into how to create jobs in the High Desert.

And it is laughable to suggest you are going to create “more” jobs when you haven’t done anything to help create any new jobs up to this point.

In fact, you are so committed to helping High Desert residents find jobs you would prefer to hire a lobbyist living 300 miles away to a cushy, $122,000 PART-TIME staff position.

Well done, sir. Great job pandering to Hispanics with a mailer that is being sent to households without Spanish speakers. That should go over real well.

If you are competent at one thing…it is probably burning through campaign dollars and taxpayer dollars.

Can’t wait for the next mailer to hit. Maybe if we are lucky you will accidentally send it to voters in another district.