By Willie Brown
September 17, 2016
Updated: September 17, 2016 – 11:00pm

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is gaining in the polls as the first presidential debate nears.

Some recent polls show Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton in key swing states Ohio and Florida. You may not want to hear this, but don’t be surprised if surveys show him pulling ahead in the “blue wall” state of Pennsylvania within the next couple of weeks.

Trump doesn’t just stand a chance of being elected — he could well be the favorite.

Like it or not, the race is now clearly on his turf, not Clinton’s. He’s thriving in his natural environment, reality TV — talking about his health records on “The Dr. Oz Show,” yukking it up with Jimmy Fallon late at night — while Clinton’s wobbliness outside the Sept. 11 memorial and delay over releasing her pneumonia diagnosis reinforce her image as the mystery behind sunglasses.

All of which ups the ante on the first presidential debate, a week from Monday.

Trump will be able to say whatever he wants, because no one believes half of what he says anyway. And he knows it. He’s made his sale with the voters.

Clinton on the other hand, still has to make her sale. She’s a knowledgeable, warm person. Coming across as knowledgeable, especially compared with Trump, should be no problem. Coming across as warm is going to be the hard part.

Trump has no such challenge. The standard his voters hold him to is lower than the underside of a snail.

He just has to keep them laughing.

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