Monday, September 12, 2016 – 08:30 a.m.

It was only matter of time before Democrat Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton had another heath issue.

It arrived on Sunday morning in the midst of a 9/11 memorial event in New York City.

Our readers have likely all heard about the ordeal so I won’t rehash the Hillary was supposedly overheated, then was previously-diagnosed pneumonia condition on Friday.

The bottom line form all of this is that Clinton can’t tell the truth about pretty much anything.

The latest her is all about her health.

Yes. Her campaign has reassured us that she’s in great condition. Even though the opposite is true.

The latest, allergy-related cough, to pneumonia, leading to collapse escapade is just the latest.

It’s a simple issue the campaign should have come clean over when it first materialized. But didn’t.

In other words. If they’ll lie and cloud an issue such as this. What else are they lying about?

Let’s go back to Friday’s alleged developments.

According to Clinton’s doctor, Lisa Bardack, she examined the candidate on Friday and diagnosed pneumonia.

The problem with this latest spin is no reporter can figure out when Clinton was ever in contact with Bardack in order to be examined, let alone a chest x-ray to properly diagnose such a condition.

I hope Clinton fully recovers and is in good health. Politics aside. Any bad result would be a tragedy.

American’s can feel there’s more to Clinton’s health than she’s letting on.

This latest episode sounds and feels concocted like many others from the past.

Expect Clinton’s poll numbers to continue collapsing.