Angela Valles

San Bernardino County First District Supervisor candidate Angela Valles looks to oust incumbent Robert Lovingood in November.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 – 08:30 a.m.

Make no mistake. First District San Bernardino County Supervisor Robert Lovingood will likely be shown the door in November.

New polling making the rounds has Lovingood in some serious trouble.

In the polling, which was accomplished by both outside interests, and even Lovingood’s own campaign, the first-term supervisor is pulling less than 30 percent of the vote right out of the gate.

For an incumbent it’s a dismal showing.

Lovingood’s opponent, Former Victorville City Council Member Angela Valles, has the reputation of a being a person who’s tough, and someone who doesn’t take crap from anyone.

It’s a reputation that will serve her well in the runoff election.

Lovingood, on the other hand, hopes to use Valles’ twenty year-old personal bankruptcy as a hit against the former single mom, who struggled to raise children and hold down a full-time career as a warden for a private prison.

But. If this dated revelation is really all that Lovingood has to combat Valles, then he’s likely on his way out.

She has since married former Apple Valley Mayor and retired Sheriff’s Lieutenant Rick Roelle. The two make a good fit.

Valles appears to be taking a different approach. She is targeting the county’s pattern and practice of corruption and coverup.

The recent scandal related to multiple deaths of children under the care and supervision of the Children and Family Services Department is a hot spot.

It’s a scandal that really is far-reaching as to exactly who knew what and when.

Lovingood has the backing of the county political regime. Not that it means much these days.

He can write his own campaign check. But then again. He won’t be able to pay himself back once he loses.

So far Lovingood has looked to tout the county’s management of its pension fund obligation, by saying it’s fully-funded and taking credit.

Wrong! The fund lost money again last year and is projected to have a more than $2 billion actuarial hole to fill on a forward-looking basis.

It’s clear more taxpayer money will be needed to keep the pension system at eighty-percent funded.

Now Valles, has some good news to tout.

Her campaign is attracting some cash from donors. She’s been endorsed by the other three challengers that she bested in the primary.

Billionaire Conservative Charles Munger, Jr. has shown some interest in Valles, who is a republican.

Valles also has the backing of the Teamsters and is poised to garner a few more labor groups.

She won’t need much money in her own campaign coffers in order to promote herself. But the outside money will be needed to deliver a few body blows to Lovingood’s reelection bid.