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State Capitol

By John Myers
August 31, 2016

California’s 120 legislators took the oath of office in December 2014 with pledges to tackle issues like the cost of a college education, the state’s minimum wage and beyond.

So how did they do?

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By Louis Nelson
08/31/16 – 06:47 PM EDT

After weeks of slipping in the polls, Donald Trump is narrowing the advantage Hillary Clinton built in the wake of last month’s nominating conventions, a new Fox News poll of registered voters shows.

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The Hill: Pollsters fight to figure out Trump phenomenon

The Hill

By Reid Wilson – 09/01/16 06:00 AM EDT

Pollsters are debating whether Donald Trump’s “silent majority” of voters exists, and are scrambling to make sure that their surveys reflect the opinions of voters who might not ordinarily be included in opinion polls.

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