Pay Raise

The State Worker
By Rachel Cohrs
July 29, 2016 – 10:17 AM

The state has offered a nearly 12 percent general salary increase for SEIU Local 1000 employees spread out over four years, or a 9 percent increase over three years.

The offer, dated July 8, would also require increased payments into funding post-retirement health benefits amounting to a 3.5 percent increase in contributions over either three or four years.

California’s largest state employee union is in the midst of contract negotiations with the governor’s office. In a newsletter, SEIU officials wrote the talks had come to a “crossroads.”

In the union’s most recent bargaining update posted on June 30, SEIU addressed members on its website stating, “Our bargaining team feels that the state’s offer does not meet the priorities that you shared with us through town halls and bargaining surveys.”

The union held 13 town hall meetings for members across the state to get feedback on the bargaining process. SEIU also distributed an online survey to “get members’ input about the state’s offer.”

Allowable overtime mandates for registered nurses under Unit 17 would decrease from five to four per month, and mandatory overtime for medical and social services employees under Unit 20 would decrease from six to five.

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