By Willie Brown
Published: July 1, 2016
Updated:   July 2, 2016 – 8:15pm

What in the world was Bill Clinton thinking when he dropped by to “just say hello” to Attorney General Loretta Lynch when they both had their personal planes parked at the Phoenix airport the other day?

And what in the world was Lynch thinking when she took the private meeting when everyone in America knows that her office is investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails?

Lynch says that all they talked about were grandkids and Clinton’s travels and that the investigation into Hillary’s emails never came up.

Great, but in politics, any time you have to explain what was not said in a meeting, it looks bad.

Besides, nobody is going to believe you.

If Clinton wanted to pass on a warm word to the attorney general, then he should have met up with her at some public function. That way there would have been plenty of witnesses to swear that nothing even close to a conflict of interest ever came up.

As mayor, I made a point of never meeting privately with anyone on any issue pending before the Public Utilities Commission, the Planning Department, Muni, the port, the airport or any other area where there might be a conflict of interest. Any meetings on an issue like that were held with the office door wide open, so anyone could walk in at any time. The open door also sent the message that someone could overhear everything that was being said.

And just to make sure the meeting didn’t wander into questionable areas, I made a point booking them to be as short as possible.

The goal of any movement for freedom and justice is ultimately to work itself out of business.

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