Wednesday, June 29, 2016 – 10:30 a.m.

The Highland, California City Council has either lost its mind or is waiting for a big political payday.

The five elected city council members of the essentially bedroom community are considering allowing The Lewis Group of Companies to build 3,600 homes off of Greenspot Road, east of the I-210 freeway.

The only problem? Greenspot Road, an already-congested primary transportation artery out of the city, reduces to two lanes where the proposed development is planned.

The other parts of the thoroughfare cannot be improved any further due to right-of-way impediments.

To compound matters further. The other part of this ill-conceived plan calls for residence to travel further east and south through a flood control channel area into the unincorporated area of Mentone, and then the city of Redlands, to eventually get to the I-10 freeway.

Yes, it’s a mess to say the least. No to mention a traffic gridlock nightmare.

The push-back from the city planners and politicos to all the concern is: Hey we’ll just widen the I-210 segment from San Bernardino to Redlands and problem solved!

When the real problem is not just the two-lane in each direction freeway segment. It’s getting to the freeway, in the first place, that’s the bigger issue here.

Forget about the additional drain on resources and schools arguments that can be made. The rush-hour traffic commute non-starter is big enough on its own.

Highland residence need to spend some time watching campaign finance reports to see where the money is flowing.

It would also be a good idea to figure out just who on the city council is really behind this monstrosity.

Highland is converting from at-large to district city council elections this November.

The conversion makes it significantly easier to affect outcomes for incumbents.

Residents need to think about taking matters into their own hands if the council can’t exercise a modicum of commonsense.