Donald Trump+Hillary Clinton

Monday, June 28, 2016 – 10:00 a.m.

The back and forth between part presumptive nominee’s Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is interesting these days.

So is all of the skewed and deceptive polling meant to try and shape public perception.

But until each party has its own convention it means very little.

The summer conventions start the race in earnest.

With the exception of a very-skewed ABC News/Washington Post poll published over the weekend, which used a sample size that skewed democrat by 12-points, the race is pretty much has Clinton up about 5-points nationally today.

But in the 10-15 battleground states the race is essentially tied at this point. A situation that should concern the Clinton campaign, liberal media and elite establishment.

The rust-belt states, you remember, the states that used to have factories that manufactured goods, are moving to support Trump. These state’s, like Pennsylvania, have been predominantly blue democrat states.

But not anymore.

Clinton wants to destroy the coal industry, which places Ohio, West Virginia and the aforementioned Pennsylvania in-play.

Clinton also favors the pending Trans pacific Partnership trade deal.

So then go look at Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Out west Colorado and Nevada are no longer a sure thing for Clinton.

Publications and websites like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The New York Daily News, Slate, Politico,, etc…etc…. are all in the tank for Clinton.

Television and cable outlets NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN (Clinton News network) and MSNBC are also on the Clinton train.

All these entity’s believe they can tell American people how to vote and shape the narrative.

But yet Clinton is barely keeping Trump at bay.

The biggest reason for her narrow margin is credibility and all of her and Bill’s moneygrubbing.

Most voters believe it’s pretty much impossible for Clinton to speak the truth and that’s a major problem. Imagine a president that will lie at every turn.

If this is truly a change election, Clinton loses handily.

On the other hand. If voters like things the way they are then Clinton wins hands down.