The State Worker
By Jon Ortiz
June 14, 2016 – 3:44 PM

  • Union president, three vice presidents would share $143,000 under plan
  • Leading dissident says proposal ‘will destroy union democracy’
  • Previous Local 1000 stipend proposals have stalled

Prepare for another round of infighting if you’re in SEIU Local 1000.

California’s largest state employee union is considering a plan to pay its president and three vice presidents a stipend on top of their government wages. Members’ money would fund the supplemental annual payments of up to nearly $59,000 for President Yvonne Walker and from $16,400 to $51,000 for vice presidents Theresa Taylor, Tamekia Robinson and Margarita Maldonado. Total tab: $143,000.

The union’s board of directors, during its June 25-26 meeting in Sacramento, will take up a plan that calibrates the stipends to bring the president’s total pay up to what the 1,000th-highest-paid Local 1000 member earns. The union’s researchers say that was $108,950 last year.

If the policy were in place now, Walker would get $58,838 added to her roughly $50,000 salary as a Department of Justice legal secretary. (Walker is on union-paid leave. She, like others who take time from work to conduct union business, still receives her state wages and benefits. Local 1000 then reimburses the state.)

Stipends paid to the VPs would equal 15 percent less than the 1,000th-member benchmark. An officeholder whose state pay met or exceeded the benchmark wouldn’t receive a stipend, meaning the total cost could vary from year to year.

Union spokesman Jerry Jimenez declined to comment on the stipend proposal. It’s a touchy subject – and has been for five years.

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