Donald Trump

Sunday, April 24, 2016 – 11:00 p.m.

Republican Presidential Front-Runner Donald J. Trump has the wind at his back, according to recent polling, and Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz knows it.

Trump’s big 62-point victory in New York last Tuesday, has produced a catapult effect.

Cruz has been hammering Trump all weekend, calling him a liar and a phony.

There’s several reasons why Cruz has elevated his attacks. All of those reasons being new polls.

Every new poll on the radar screen shows Trump opening up statistically significant leads over Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Five Atlantic states hold primaries on Tuesday and Trump will win them all. In some cases Trump will win by a large double-digit margin.

Here’s the latest data:

In Pennsylvania, the latest two polls has Trump up and average of 20.5 points over Cruz. Kasich is running a close third. Also it should be noted that Trump is approaching the 50-percent threshold.

Rhode Island polling has Trump up 13 points over Kasich. Cruz is placing a distant place.

The state of Delaware looks like a runaway for Trump. The only poll in the state, conducted by Gravis Marketing, has the billionaire up 37 points at 55-percent.

Trump should win all of the state’s 16 delegates.

In Connecticut, Trump is up 22 points over Kasich. Trump could hit 50-percent here as well. If he does he will win all 28 delegates.

In Maryland, Trump is up an average of 17-points over Kasich. Trump is polling in the mid-40-percentile here.

In key upcoming primaries, Trump has opened up a lead on Cruz in both Indiana and California.

Cruz was leading in Indiana. Now Trump is up about 6 points.

Cruz previously had a lead in the state.

But California is a shocker at the moment.

The last two polls int he state has Trump at 49-percent. That’s an average lead of 22.5-percent.

California publication Capitol Weekly conducted a new large sample size poll within the state. It placed Trump with a 18 point lead at 41-percent. In sampling new GOP voters, registered since January 1, 2016, Trump pulled 53-percent in the poll.

Cruz and Kasich were running neck-and-neck in the low 20’s.

The Reuters Rolling 5-Day Tracking Poll has Trump hitting 49.3-percent, with Cruz falling to 28.2-percent nationally.

When Trump sweeps Tuesday’s five contests his leads in upcoming contests should continue to expand.

The 1,237 delegate nomination threshold should not be an issue.

Like I’ve said before. Trump will be the GOP nominee and the next president.