Donald Trump

(Seth Wenig / Associated Press)

Kurtis Lee
April 22, 2016

Donald Trump has a message for people who are not registered with a political party in California: switch your affiliation to Republican in order to vote in the June 7 primary.

In robocalls to nearly 1 million “independents” in the state, the billionaire businessman encourages them to registers as Republicans so they can vote in the closed primary.

(As The Times has been reporting, there is no “independent” designation in California, and many thousands of people are mistakenly registered in the American Independent Party.)

Trump is seeking to secure the 1,237 delegates needed to capture the GOP nomination over his rivals, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Both Cruz and Kasich say they will stay in the race and are aiming to secure the nomination in a contested convention in July in Cleveland.

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