Chevron - Cheryl Brown Campaign Mailer

A campaign mailer, underwritten in part by Chevron, touts Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown, D-San Bernardino, as a champion of the environment. She failed to support major climate-change legislation last year. (Dan Smith

Capitol Alert
By Taryn Luna
April 20, 2016 – 2:29 PM

  • California Environmental Justice Alliance condemns campaign mailer that lauds Brown’s environmental record
  • Brown’s camp defends the Democrat’s depiction as environmental advocate
  • Independent expenditure committee to support Brown’s re-election, largely supported by Chevron, paid for the advertisement

A California environmental group is crying foul after Chevron helped fund a campaign mailer casting Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown as an “environmental champion for us all.”

The San Bernardino Democrat is a member of the moderate caucus in the Assembly, which drew the ire of environmental and labor groups for helping to water down major climate change legislation last year.

Some organizations, including the United Food and Commercial Workers, Western States Council and the local Sierra Club chapter, have backed a fellow Democrat against her, attorney Eloise Gomez, for the 47th Assembly district seat in inland Southern California.

The mailer, which hails Brown’s record on environmental legislation, was paid for by an independent expenditure committee heavily funded by Chevron Corp. The company recently gave $1 million to the group.

The mailer says Brown “worked to pass a law that the California Environmental Justice Alliance called ‘The biggest solar bill in the nation’s history’ for low income renters.”

Assemblymember Brown did not work with us on that bill at all.

Strela Cervas, co-director of the environmental justice alliance, said the description isn’t accurate. Cervas’ group worked closely on Assembly Bill 693 with the author, Susan Eggman, D-Stockton, and Brown wasn’t involved, she said.

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