Conventions - 2016

Capitol Alert
By David Siders
April 13, 2016 – 10:38 AM

District-level Democratic delegates run in pre-primary caucuses; Republicans chosen by presidential candidates

Deadline for district-level Democratic delegates was Wednesday

Making the trip will cost thousands of dollars

The district-level delegate – that typically under-appreciated cog in the machinery of presidential elections – could wield huge clout in Cleveland if no candidate arrives at the Republican National Convention with the nomination locked up. The prospect of multiple ballots isn’t out of the question.

Drama on the Democratic side continues, and could follow the candidates into the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The city’s history – and its cheese steak – is hard to beat.

Here’s how the California delegations are coming together for the July conventions.
California Democratic delegation

By the numbers

Total delegates: 546
District-level delegates: 317 – allocated by congressional district based on population and presidential voting in prior elections
At-large delegates: 105 delegates confirmed at a statewide delegation meeting on June 19 and subject to approval by the presidential candidate they pledge to support
Party leaders and elected officials: 53, including big-city mayors, statewide elected officials and legislative leaders
Unpledged delegates, known as superdelegates: 71, including California members of Congress and Gov. Jerry Brown

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