Donald Trump

Jim Erwin
Sunday, March 20, 2016 – 11:30 a.m.

The race for the republican nomination for president continues to be the talk these days after Front-runner Donald Trump won five of six delegate contests on Tuesday.

The result increased Trump’s delegate lead to 255 over second-place Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is merely a blimp on the screen, not-to-mention a perceived spoiler for Cruz.

Polling of upcoming states, yet to cast ballots, has Trump in the driver’s seat.

In winner-take-all Arizona, which votes Tuesday, Trump is up 12-points over Cruz. However Cruz has a sizeable lead in the Utah, which caucuses Tuesday.

The American Samoa Islands, with 9 delegates, is also on tap for Tuesday.

Remember Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who’s competing for the cocktail party joke of the year award, resides in Utah.

News Flash, Romney has now proclaimed Cruz as his new guy to beat Trump and save us all, since his other stalwart choices have crashed and burned in dramatic style.

New polls in New York (April 19) and California (June 7) have Trump up 52-points and 16-points respectively.

Combined these two states alone carry 267 delegates.

Based on the polling, Trump could take all of New York’s 95 delegates and most of California’s ‘winner-takes-most’ 172 delegates.

As Trump’s momentum has continued to build, the contributors and editor’s of right-wing publication The Weekly Standard have been inking anti-Trump articles and columns at a fevered pace.

When will these icons of conservatism, with their anointed candidates of the past and present, who that have helped run the country into the ground, figure out that no one cares what they think?

The timetable for that realization is anyone’s guess.

But in the mean time it appears we’ll just have to live with all the suicidal talk.

In the meantime more so-called pundits and experts are s-l-o-w-l-y acknowledging that Trump will likely be the GOP nominee.

A rationalization likely brought about by many, many, hours of therapy, drinking and an ever slowing money spigot from donors.